About Us


Welcome to TCY Chem

TCY Chem as a chemicals manufacturer  importer and distributor, has been delivering optimum cultural, commercial, logistics and technical service among China and Europe for more than 28 years and in US for more than 10 years.

Since 1993 till 2009, we established and partnered our new manufacturing site with strong R & D team constantly joined by Ph.D.s focus on customized fine chemicals and additives. The production and management teams are cooperated by fully experienced professionals involved in chemicals fields for years. And, we set up a new Sales Branch, Distribution Center, and After Sale Service subsidiary in US for local on time services.


  • With M.Sc majoring in chemistry profession, we fully understand customer needs and capable of dealing with all requirements. Our employees are goal-orientated and motivated, and effective.
  • Long time experience involved in manufacturing and distribution services make us understand the importance of responsibilities, reliabilities, consistence and competition. We make efforts to build long term trusting relationship with our customers. We have been serving multinational customers for long time and won an award of  “the Best Supplier”.
  • We provide an unique combination through oversees branch offices, warehouses, logistics, and highly qualified, competitive producers and suppliers across China.
  • Our distribution centers are located in Chicago, Los Angeles, St Luis, Evansville, New York  in USA for on-time service for European and North American customers.

Our people, processes, systems, distribution network and strategic relationships with raw material producers are focused on one thing – satisfying customer needs and making sure that every order is on time, accurate and complete


  • Supplying additives and monomers in plastics industry and intermediates in pharmaceutical industry.
  • Marketing in China, Europe and North America.