Scientist working at the laboratory

TCY Chem – your Global Business Partner is a 21st century specialist for world trade, manufacturer, distributer. Our effective employees have the opportunity to help our clients build long-lasting and trust business relationship with us. The company’s current emphasis is to offer “Comprehensive Business Engineering” to solve business problems and create value through an innovative combination of Production, Supply Chain, Logistics management.

“We are for people,for employees”. We live by this motto and consider our employees our most valuable asset.

 We hire talented and dedicated people committed to making an impact every day. We seek people who are creative, innovative and who thrive on challenge.

 Success at Hunan Chem requires our employee to be flexible and culturally open, and international-oriented as our customers and employees are located around three continents.

 We trust our employees’ abilities to learn quickly and adjust to the changing needs of business..

 Please visit us again soon for vacancy. Talented sales are always welcome.